My Legs

I did the run.

Specifically, I did one of the 40 minute runs in the workout this week (there are two). After doing the leg weight workout.

I’m so dead.

Legs are dead. Pretty sure even my arms started losing circulation at some point.

It’s also the first time that I did one of the 40 minute runs. I’m usually bad and skip them (don’t tell Gavin). But this year I really want to make an effort to be good and do all the workouts I can. So this is me trying and making a good start!

The worst part is that approximately 36 minutes or so into it, I accidentally pressed the “program” button instead of the “display” button (I ran on a treadmill), which did some weird thing to the machine and started a new program, which totally messed me up and didn’t show my time anymore. I panicked a little bit and pressed “stop” and then “start” again and so basically restarted, not knowing how much time was left or how much distance I had run. I estimated how much time I had left of the 40 minutes, though I’m pretty sure I overestimated it to be on the safe side, because my point of view was that if I’m going to do this 40 minutes, I’m going to make sure I do the full 40 minutes and not some shitty 39 minute run or something by accident. Kinda sad that I don’t know my distance, though at the same time a little bit happy because I know I was running pretty slow, so maybe it’s actually better this way.


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