I got a haircut today.

Not because I particularly wanted to get a new style or anything. Also I can’t offer you any pictures because, for one thing, I didn’t take any and, for another, I just showered and my hair is all wet anyway.

I got a haircut because my hair was getting really long and I had to use a lot of shampoo every time I washed it and I was going through shampoo bottles (I use Pantene Pro-V!) way too quickly.

I cut my hair approximately three times every two years, which isn’t very often, but it’s such a hassle to get it cut. Plus, it’s expensive (even though I go to cheap Chinatown places). I like to leave it long during dragon boat season, so it’s easier to tie up and braid, but now that dragon boat season is over, I’m free to have it cut. Last time I got it cut, I went to a place in Dragon City Mall, which worked out fine, but also took way too long (I think they took over an hour), so I wanted to find a new place. This time, I went scouting around the rest of Chinatown. I saw a sign that seemed pretty good ($11 for a cut), but as soon as I turned to go down the stairs (it was located in the basement), I saw the SKETCHIEST-looking basement hole-in-the-wall-type establishment ever. I immediately turned around (I basically did a 360) and decided not to go there.

About 3 buildings later, I found another likely-looking place (this time located in an upstairs location), which was $12 for a cut, but I figured my safety was worth at least a dollar, so I went there. Everything turned out fine and I didn’t die, so I would call this expedition a success!


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