Full Fridge

Our fridge and freezer are both super full. It’s a good thing, because it means we have a lot of food. However, it is also a pity because there are always more things on sale to buy and stock up on (first world problems?)! It doesn’t really help that our fridge is a bit small. See our full freezer and fridge!

20150923_234929 20150923_234952

(Don’t tell Gavin about the cake).

Which also brings me to another point that I didn’t mention in my saving money on groceries post (take note, André!): stock up on sale items. Could be things like toilet paper and paper towels, or food items such as boneless, skinless chicken breasts (which are quite expensive, by the way) and ground pork (which is not expensive, by the way). For household items, you can stock up easily, no problem, and just leave them in a closet or even in the middle of your living room, if you so desire. For perishable items, you can freeze them! We tend to stock up on chicken breasts and ground meat when it’s on sale for super cheap and then freeze them for later use. It’s very convenient.

Another groceries tip is related to rainchecks. There may be times when, like us, you may be very interested in a sale item due to its great price, such as chicken breasts, but don’t want to get it just yet (for reasons such as your fridge being too full). In these cases, one thing you could try to do is go to the grocery store super late at night. The store will be more likely to be out of their sale items and you’ll be more likely to be able to obtain a raincheck! This raincheck will give you 30 days’ leeway to return and get that coveted sale item at your leisure (if within those 30 days, the store doesn’t restock that item or the item continues to be sold out, you can update your raincheck to get another 30 days from the date of renewal). Do note that this strategy doesn’t always necessarily work as the store could be smarter than you in making sure to keep their sale items in stock.

Disclaimer: we went to Metro quite late at night and that was pretty much what happened to us (about 80% of the things we had been planning to buy were sold out), though we didn’t actually plan it that way. It just happened to be good luck. If anybody’s reading this, you get bonus points if you can figure out what day we went to Metro (it should be obvious if you’ve been reading posts diligently).


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