More Bread

For the second day of the GWN Challenge, NDRC had a team potluck, organized by Ted. He assigned different things to bring to each person and formed a very extensive list (though to my understanding, he used someone else’s food list, so that’s slightly less impressive).

I was assigned tortillas, which I bought from Loblaws (it was no tax Saturday!) and Chris was assigned trail mix, which he also bought from Loblaws (because no tax Saturday!). Ben came shopping with us as he was assigned Gatorade, which he too bought from Loblaws (again, no tax Saturday!). Though he didn’t buy actual Gatorade, but instead Power Quencher, which according to Daniela (or Daniella, as Gavin spells it), does not taste at all like Gatorade (Ben begged to differ).

At the end of the day, there was a ton of food left, which was left to the poor students to take home. Monica had dibs on the oranges, because even though she is a doctor with an unlimited line of credit, in addition to a huge future income, she apparently “has a lot of current debt and isn’t guaranteed a job after five years.” André also took a lot of stuff (as much as could fit in his backpack). I got a huge bag of bread, consisting of English muffins, bagels, tortillas, and pitas.

So while I had all this bread and probably wouldn’t need to buy any for a long time (stuffed most of it in the freezer), there was this great deal at Loblaws where you can fill a paper bag full of bagels for $2.99. I figure most people probably fill it with about 6, maybe 7 bagels. But if you use proper stuffing techniques and Tetris strategies, I’ve found you can fit up to 9-10 bagels in the bag. That’s such a good deal! Couldn’t resist it, so bought a bag. I highly recommend it! Plus you can mix and match and get all the best bagels, like the everything bagel and the cheese bagel. Deal ends on Thursday! I have so much bread now, I feel as if I were André, stocking up on ingredients to make bread sandwiches.

See filled bag below!



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