Last Practice

Today was our last practice before GWN. A few broken race pieces, some 100m pieces, a hard 500m, and changing leads on the way back.

I hate changing leads.

It’s so tiring. And so tempting to just completely let it go during the easy parts. Furthermore, the race course is just so far away from Sunnyside that we basically do changing leads for forever and for the entire time I hate my life.

Less subjectively, I think changing leads has been pretty good for us, and has also helped a lot with our ability to wash-ride (for both steers and paddlers), which has definitely been beneficial for us this season. Having two boats is nice because we can push each other and motivate each other to go harder. The fact that both boats belong to our team is better than having a rival team with one of our boats because both of us pushing each other makes the whole team stronger together and I love that. Though it doesn’t change the fact that I still hate changing leads.

On another note, I think one of my biggest improvements this season was in my first few start strokes. I would say that last year my start strokes pretty much sucked and I think I’ve gotten better. I feel more connected with each stroke and find I have the ability to push deeper. In general, starts feel good for me and I’m really happy about that. I even got a compliment from Desmond today about them! I think that is worth commemorating. I feel like coaching Iron Dragons this year has helped improve my starts as to be able to explain and teach the start strokes, I have to understand them myself. So I’m grateful for that as well. Maybe I’ll make a post about starts at some point.

GWN in two days!


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