Back to school

I haven’t had classes for over a year and the typical school year (September-May) is no different from summer for me since I have pretty much the same schedule anyway (if anything, the school year is a little less busy because there’s less dragon boat). Yet for some reason, I still get this feeling of trepidation around the start of September. Oh, life of a grad student.

The undergrads have arrived! It’s back to school for UoT and the noise levels are increasing again. While it’s lucky that my office is on the 9th floor and undergrads don’t come up here, I’m also unlucky because there are undergrad labs on the 8th floor and the undergrads waiting outside before their class starts are very noisy.

The undergrads also start monopolizing the elevators, which in this building, happen to suck. They’re very slow to arrive at a floor and I’m pretty sure their programming is not as efficient as it could be. They occasionally pass by a floor they should have stopped at and sometimes they just don’t work at all. When the undergrads are filling them up and using them to go from floor 1 to floor 2, I get kind of annoyed. It does usually take the undergrads a little while to find the hidden elevator in the back, though, so there’s that, at least.

On the plus side, the beginning of school means plenty of BBQ’s, i.e. free food, yay. I plan to go to as many as possible because free food is always a good reason to do anything. I also plan to go to the ones that I can that I’m technically not supposed to go to, like the MIE BBQ this Friday. If you know about any, let me know! 🙂


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