Two-for-one Hummus

Fontaine Santé Hummus was on sale at Sobey’s, two for one. Yo, that’s such a good price. One was priced at $3.79, so along with the 10% student discount from Sobey’s, that’s two packs of hummus for only $3.41 (no tax!)!

There were also new flavours, including sesame & ginger and roasted sweet peppers & caraway (seen below). I bought two packs of the caramelized onion flavour, one of which was demolished at an Iron Dragons management meeting. There was a third new flavour, roasted beets, I think, but I tried it at a Costco tasting and it wasn’t amazing so I didn’t feel like buying it, even though I like beets.


The sesame & ginger flavour, while not bad, is a little strange as it makes you feel like you’re eating dumplings instead of hummus. The consistency is also a little less creamy than the others, for some reason. The roasted sweet peppers & caraway flavour is legit one of the most delicious things ever even though I don’t actually know what caraway is (some kind of seed, maybe?). I like the added sweetness of the sweet peppers too. It’s beaten only by the caramelized onion flavour, which is super amazing and actually tastes like caramelized onions. I highly recommend the latter two.

Note: This is not a sponsored post or anything. I just like hummus and two-for-one deals.


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