I feel so popular

So eventually I will attempt to come up with a theme or at least categories of some sort so that this blog could potentially have some benefit besides consisting of random thoughts. But for now, I will be lazy. Even not at its best (hopefully), it already has two comments (whoo Julian!) and a favourite (whoo Desmond!). Yay, I feel popular! Shoutout to Julian for suggesting the hexa theme for the layout.

On that note, anybody that sees this should download and install Candy Crush, so they can send me lives. I like to play in between experiment steps at work, and I’m out of lives. 😦

Speaking of work, I think I’m getting tendinitis from polishing electrodes. It’s very tough on the wrist + forearm.

I think this is my longest post so far. I’m getting better. And now I’m making it longer by writing about it being long. *Lengthlengthlength*


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